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This professional digital media controller offers an extremely compact all-in-one solution that will even satisfy the most demanding DJs! All you need is a pair of powered speakers to get the party rolling!
The unit is packed with tons of features like:

  • Music from different sources can be played and mixed seamlessly:
    • Two internal USB-players share the same USB-hard disk/USB-stick to play any WAV or MP3 file.
    • Different analog inputs like turntables, extra CD-players, etc.
    • Controls all popular MIDI DJ-software you can imagine, free Deckadance-LE software included!
    • Two microphones with talkover can be used simultaneously.
  • Built-in sound cards! (no extra sound cards needed for your DJ-software!)
  • Q-DBase system: smart, fully featured database lookup system to find your tracks very easily, even on big hard disks, up to 500GB!
  • Free Windows Q-DBase-builder software included.
  • The digital effects (echo, flange, filter, brake) can be used manually or fully beat synchronized with presets.
  • Seamless loops with real-time loop edit function
  • PCMS (Permanent Cue Memory System): for each track up to 4 cue points and seamless loops can be stored/recalled at any moment
  • High precision scratch function and pitch bend, thanks to the touch sensitive jog wheels
  • Several jog wheel modes: vinyl, CDJ and A.CUE scratch!
  • DJ-software can use coded vinyl disks to control playback and scratch your MP3/WAV files.
  • 2x 10character alphanumeric VFD-displays show all information, including ID3-tags.
  • SMART RANDOM: random play can be limited to 1 genre or artist (ex. play only slows!)
  • Original, upgradeable, Synq firmware: guarantees user-friendly, sophisticated functionality not found elsewhere.
  • Fully customizable setup menu for MIDI and other functions.
  • Pitch control (+/-6%, 10%, 16%, +16%/-100%)
  • Pitch lock (Master Tempo)
  • Full featured 2channel digital mixer with customizable crossfader, balanced output and booth master.
  • PFL headphone monitor with CH1/CH2 mixing and adjustable volume.

Power Supply: AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 21W

Reference input level / impedance:
Line: 47kΩ /-14dBV (200mV) +/-0.1dB
Phono: 47kΩ /-51dBV (2.8mV) +/-0.1dB
Mic: 10kΩ /-56dBV (1.5mV) +/-0.1dB
Maxi input: (1kHz, THD=1%, EQ flat, max. gain, load=100kΩ)
Line: > +0dBV
Phono: > -38dBV
Mic: > -42dBV
Talkover: -20dB +/-2dB
Frequency response: (EQ flat, max. gain, load = 100kΩ)
Line: 20Hz - 20kHz +/-2dB
Phono: 20Hz - 20kHz +2/-3dB (RIAA)
Mic: 20Hz - 20kHz +2/-3dB
THD+N: (EQ flat, max. gain, w/20kHz LPF, A-weighted, load = 100kΩ)
Line: < 0.06% @ 1 KHz
Phono: < 0.08% @ 1 KHz
Mic: < 0.15% @ 1 KHz
Output level / impedance:
Master unbalanced: 1kΩ /3.8dBV (1.55V) +/-2dB
Master balanced (load=600Ω): 600Ω /+6dBm (1.55V) +/-3dB
Booth master: 1kΩ /3.8dBV (1.55V) +/-2dB
Headphones (load=32Ω): 33Ω /0dBV (1V) +/-2dB
Max. output: (1kHz, THD=1%, EQ flat, max. gain, load = 100kΩ)
Master: > +18dBV (8V) load=100kΩ
Headphones: > +4dBV (1,6V) load=32Ω
File System: FAT12/16/32
Max. Hard disk capacity: 500GB
Max. Folders: 999
Max. Tracks / Folder: 999
Max. Q-DBASE track capacity: 9999
PCM, 1411kbps.
MPEG1 Layer3 (ISO/IEC11172-3):
mono / stereo sampled at: 32 - 44,1 - 48kHz
Bitrates: 32 – 320 Kbps
Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate) or VBR (Variable Bitrate)
MPEG2 Layer3 (ISO/IEC13818-3):
mono / stereo sampled at: 16 – 22,05 - 24kHz
Bitrates: 32 – 160 Kbps
Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate) or VBR (Variable Bitrate)
MPEG2,5 Layer3:
mono / stereo sampled at: 8 – 11,025 - 12kHz
Bitrates: 32 – 160 Kbps
Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate) or VBR (Variable Bitrate)
Q-DBASE Software :
File extensions : .DBH + .dat + .DBX
System requirements : RAM 512MB
100MB free disk space
Microsoft® Win XP SP3 ~ Win Vista SP2 ~ Win 7

Dimensions: 299(D) x 420(W) x 89(H) mm
Weight: 4,42kg

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